Must Have Jewellery For Summer Holidays

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Vacation is all about relaxing and rejuvenating your mind and soul, but most importantly looking good while relaxing because social media is still bossing around. Deciding what to take along for a holiday and what to leave behind is one of the major or shall I say the biggest decision a woman can make. Packing/unpacking is another thing but the pain of not taking some of your favourites is something that we just can’t take, so now you probably know the reason why girls carry three huge bags even for a two-day trip. Okay?

Especially if I talk about jewellery, it is very difficult to pick out the pieces which will compliment multiple outfits without making it look repetitive. So, today’s blog is purely dedicated to the best jewellery styles you must carry without loading your bags with unnecessary stuff!

1. Oversized Hoops

Hoops are necessary. They are a need and I must say that every girl has got a pair of them or maybe a lot of pairs. First, irrespective of what you are wearing they make everything look better. Second, no matter what your face cut is, they complement all types. Third, they have been in trend since forever and we pray that they never go because anyhow we are still wearing them! Not just us, even celebrities have been obsessing over these oversized hoops from long enough now. Be it Rihanna or Sonam Kapoor, these divas are not stepping out without their huge sized hoops! From beach holiday to the adventure valleys, you just can’t miss to keep them in your bag.

2. Choker

Choker trend has made a huge comeback all the way from 90s, and we are loving it just like we adored it then. Currently, chokers are available in a slew of innumerable designs, layers and what not, so it completely depends on your personal style as to what you wanna pick for your holiday. If you like something insignificant and huge, then I would strongly recommend Afghani Chokers as they are exquisite in style and look absolutely gorgeous with almost everything. If you like something sleek, then you can create it using any ribbon of your choice of colour. All you need to do is, knot it perfectly around your neck and you can thank me later for that beauty.

3. Tassels

Tassels are beauty and are just perfect for vacations. They are colourful, lightweight and just so pretty that you won’t take them off even for a second. Tassel jewellery has an elaborated collection, from earrings to neckpieces to bracelets, they are available in a wide range. Make sure you have at least one of them before taking off!

4. Knuckle Rings

Knuckle rings have become a huge thing from quite some time now & we are totally in love with them! Your vacay edit is incomplete without knuckle rings, they are one of the trendiest things one must possess right now. Irrespective of where you are holidaying and what you are wearing, these rings are definitely gonna stand out.

5. Statement Neckpieces

Statement Neckpieces are everything a girl needs in her jewellery collection, you just can’t miss them. From your beach look to dinner date, these neckpieces never fail to enhance the beauty of your outfit. Holiday edit is never complete without keeping that one statement neckpiece which can be your saviour of the time when nothing matches your outfit but this one neckpiece would. It is the show-stealer, never forget to keep it!


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