Jewellery Pieces That Never Go Out of Style

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We know how much you love your jewellery, and how close it is to a woman’s heart. You want your collection to stand the test of time in terms of style and quality, and we say every woman who is investing in her jewellery deserves that.

If you are worried of changing trends in jewellery fashion, read on. See what goes with almost everything you have in your wardrobe, and you can thank us later in the comments below.

1.    Silver Hoop Earrings

 Silver Hoop Earrings

Silver Hoop Earrings

Pure silver is costly yet most of the women like wearing silver. A pair of silver hoops is definitely a must-have in every woman’s jewellery collection, as it is one of the most compatible pieces. From your work-wear to traditional outfits, formal lunch to party night with girls, a pair of silver hoops will never fail to impress.

2.    Kundan Necklace

Moshika Kundan Necklace Set

Moshika Kundan Necklace Set

Kundan necklace is one of our personal favourites, as we Indians tend to wear them very often on many occasions. They look elegant, classy and expensive. Kundan has been in fashion for more than a decade, and we would say it is staying for many more. Irrespective of age-groups, woman tend to wear these sparkling Kundan sets at many events, like soirees, cocktail dinners, weddings and many more auspicious occasions. Considered to be one of the most-loved traditional jewellery pieces, Kundan definitely is something you can’t skip to possess in your collection.

3.    Pearl Perfection

92.5 Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings

92.5 Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings

Pearls are very important in a woman’s life, they define class. Pearls are a girl’s great friend, all they have to be is beautiful, authentic and forever glowing, and a woman will love them more than her own life. Pearls are considered to be traditional, as we have often seen our grandmothers wearing them for years and maintaining them very dearly as a family heirloom. But just like wine, they look even better with time. From the tradition being passed from generations, we believe every girl deserves to have pearl jewellery in her exclusive collection. Be it a pair of silver earrings beautified with pearls or a garland made of pearls. After all, we all need some pearl perfection in our lives.

4.    Designer Bracelet

Edwina Bracelet

Edwina Bracelet

There is always some room for a designer bracelet, and we say that because we know how incomplete the jewellery box looks without the sparkling piece of perfection. This piece of jewellery has to be exquisitely designed, flaunting the perfect cut and embedded with tiny sparkling pieces. If you find a bracelet that is everything mentioned above, then yes that’s exactly what you have been looking for.

5.    Pendant Necklace

Silver Diamond Necklace

Heart Of Silver Diamond Necklace(Pure 92.5 Silver)

A pendant necklace works as a saviour whenever we are running out of time to style our outfit or maybe just not in a mood for those flashy jewellery pieces. These elegant pendants work magically, making us look just perfectly styled even on the worst days. You just can’t afford to not have one in your collection of jewels. Be it at work, shopping or even evening soirees, these pendants never fail to grab attention of the onlookers. Especially, the heart pendants. They are simple, flawlessly designed and effortlessly stylish. They rest on your seamless neckline like a pro, and always keep you in the limelight showered with loads of praises.


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