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Woke up with absolutely no time to even comb your hair neatly? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Try out the craziest easy to make hairstyles and look work-ready in just a few seconds. And guess what? All these hairstyles are so easy and comfortable to make that you can literally style them enroute work, in train, while walking to workplace or even in the elevator reaching your floor.

We understand the complexity of hair-styles, and why they look so difficult to make, especially in the rushing morning hours of the day. But, not all of them are as complex as they appear to be, rather they might be even simpler than just doing the regular ones.



Doing a high pony at work is the easiest thing you can do, but if done with tons of high volume and layering it can look so much more appealing than a classic one. Trust us, you need not make it neat or in perfect place, just tie it up with the natural mess it is and let it be. You can thank us later 😉



Without looking too casual, this half bun style will make you look super chic at work. Give your everyday formal look some bohemian vibes with this effortlessly attractive hairstyle. All you have to do is, just separate the upper half hair and tie them roughly giving it extra volume and leave the rest hair as it is. Nothing genius, right? Go bohemian girl!



Wondering how to make a mark in that important meeting? Well, the classic chignon will never disappoint you! We know you must be wondering how complex this hairstyle looks, but it won’t take ore than two minutes for you to make it. Don’t believe us? Just comb your hair and make them tangle free, divide your hair into two equal halves. Tie the halves together making knots, and just secure the knots with pins. And you are ready to make them go wow!



Bangs result in massive transformation, they can literally alter your face in just a few seconds. They add ace to your everyday style, but they are selectively appreciated on every different faces. It might suit you, but not your sister. So, we suggest you to try out the look using fake bangs! You can easily buy it from any cosmetic store and try it on!



Tired of carrying that good girl ponytail? Try it out with a twist just with a small tip! All you need to do is, twist your hair on the side of your face before tying them at the back, and you are all set to quit looking monotonous at work!


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